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SWOTVAC study tips from the WISE committee

We completely understand how stressful the exam period can be. Some of our incoming 2022 committee has compiled their top tips to help you get through this strenuous period.

Aish (President): If you're feeling overwhelmed, take an off-screen break and chat with a friend, you'll feel a lot more in-control when you come back to study!

Donya (Vice President): Move your body! It is easy to start feeling jittery after studying for lots of hours at once. Going for a run or doing a quick workout will help you focus better when you come back!

Anjali (Promotions Officer): Prioritise your mental health! Recognise your limits, take plenty of breaks, and acknowledge how well you’re doing! If you feel overwhelmed or anxious, reach out to someone you trust.

Quiana (Webmaster): Make a timetable or list of tasks of what you're going to do each day from the start of SWOTVAC to your exams so you don't feel lost or overwhelmed.

Helen (Activities Officer): Active learning! eg. make flashcards, draw mindmaps, do practice questions instead of passively reading notes/

Aoi (Promotions Officer): Eat well and sleep well. Healthy lifestyle will keep you energised physically and mentally.

Fatima (Activities Officer): Set rewards for yourself (like an episode of your favourite series or your favourite food) after you finish certain tasks which you can ONLY receive after you finish those tasks so you have motivation to get through them! also remember to stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep!

Jasika (Industry Liason): Make flow charts and diagrams for better understanding and don’t forget to do exams from previous years. At the end of the day, reflect on what you have prepared throughout the day for better retention.

Congratulations on making it to this point of the semester! Best of luck with your upcoming exams!

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