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How to start the first semester of your first year right

First up, welcome back! I’m sure you’ve had an awesome summer break and now that uni is rolling up the corner, ‘gosh I just want to have vacation forever’. But fear not, a new semester is just another chapter of your uni life to be filled with memories that you will miss! So, while you go out to network, party or just having a life outside of uni, it is equally important to keep track of your studies.

I have put together a list that helps me keep my studies in check, hope you guys will find it helpful!

1. You don’t have to buy the textbooks on the LMS – those textbooks will be helpful but if you can’t afford to buy them, then don’t. There are plenty of those books in the library and save a couple hundreds of bucks.

2. Use the Student Services and Academic Skills – if you have troubles selecting classes or anything related, don’t forget the services at STOP 1 are free for students so do yourself a favour and just drop by to get everything sorted with the right personnel. Also, academic skills is a saviour, they run workshops and have resources for anything you need to ace the new semester. You can even book an academia to check your writing before submitting it.

3. Keep a planner – daily, weekly, or a monthly planner will keep you on top of your game. Again, you can access a semester planner from Academic Skills and you can fill in all the assessments and dates of each subject you are taking.

4. Do things sooner rather than later (and be sorry) – if you have three weeks to finish your assignment, start planning and doing it now incrementally. You can take breaks and still have plenty of time to work on it without rushing and you will never blame it on procrastination again.

5. Make friends that are in the same class – I know, I know, you think you can handle the it on your own or you are an introvert. But trust me, more often than ever it is very handy to have friends that you can borrow notes from, to discuss lessons with and to revise with. It will save your grade.

6. Take care of yourself – lastly, stay hydrated and give yourself a rest when you don’t feel like studying. You can’t just charge forward and have no rest because it will backfire. It’s okay to do nothing for a short while and jump right back into your study routine.

Good luck with uni, and don’t forget to come to WISE’s monthly free coffee and cake events to de-stress and talk to many others who are going through the same thing

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