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Destress tips from your incoming WISE committee!

With looming exams and SWOTVAC underway, you may be feeling quite overwhelmed or anxious. Keep in mind that even though you are trying to focus on study, it is still really important to prioritise your mental wellbeing. So, to help you through this time, our incoming 2021 WISE committee has compiled some of their best tips to cope with stress:

Wen Yee Ang (President):

Remember that childhood TV show or morning cartoon you were obsessed with when you were seven? Binge-watching a couple of episodes of it is a great way to laugh, have fun and feel more cheerful about your day. A watch party with your friends or family will make it even better!

Tara Keshavarz (Vice President):

Put on a chill playlist, grab some paper and make a list of all the things you're doing wonderfully! It's important to recognise all the energy you've put into this crazy year and celebrate your strengths :-)

Vinuri Peiris (Secretary):

Dance break! Put on your favourite dance-y tune and boogie it out. Jump, punch the air, clap, sing (or yell) along, do anything that feels right and suits you (be guided by the music)! Extra points if the dance moves are good, no one said they had to be ;)

Telia Tung (Treasurer):

Give your pet or a plushie a cuddle. They love you and believe in you <3

Demi Shale (Memberships Officer):

Take a break and give one of your friends a call! Talking to someone and actually having a conversation out loud can help refresh your mind, especially if you've been studying all day alone.

Ashleigh Heng-Chin (Industry Liason):

Identify when you're burnt out/need a break and actually take one! It's not helpful to you to "grind" when your mind isn't up for it- so take time for yourself and you'll bounce back soon.

Sophie Green (Activities Officer):

Make a schedule at the start of the day including breaks, it will give you a good structure to follow and make sure you're having rest when you need it!

Rashika Bahl (Industry Liason):

Sing your feelings out!! The cheesier the song the better. The more out of tune you are, the better. Feel how good it feels to just sing aloud? It’s basically like taking one giant breath and way funner ;)

Anjali Barnes (Webmaster):

Take a step away from the screen and spend some time in nature! Going for a short walk or run outside will clear your mind and get those endorphins pumping!

Elizabeth Walz (Activities Officer):

Take 3 deep breaths - we forget to breathe and our bodies tense up when we're stressed or concentrated, so take the time to breathe and relax your muscles (your frown). Relaxing physically can help reduce mental stress!

Aishwarya Hirve (Promotions Officer):

Organise your study space while listening to some music! It’ll help you feel a lot more in control!

Ellen Fennell (Activities Officer):

Make a schedule at the start of the day of everything you want to achieve and allocate the amount of time you want to spend on each task with breaks in between. It can help your study seem more manageable when it is down on paper and lessen the stress!

Ying Wang (Promotions Officer):

Hang out with some friends, talk about anything not related to exams or do anything that'll take your mind off of the stress for a while. You deserve a break :)

Congratulations on making it to this part of the semester everyone! Good luck with your exams and remember to reach out if you need to. We hope to see you on campus soon!

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