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Running since 2015, the annual WISE Networking Night is an exclusive opportunity for students to network with sponsors, industry representatives, and academics, as well as peers within and outside your discipline!


The theme for this year's Networking Night is intersectionality.


The event will be held online using the virtual platforms Zoom and Discord. Registrants will be sent the links via email.


Come and listen to our amazing keynote speaker and learn about internships and job opportunities, workplace insights, and career journeys - just in time for internship and job application season! Take this opportunity to speak to potential employers such as GHD, Worley, CSIRO, Accenture, Deloitte and many others, and explore your career options. Whether you study science, IT, health, maths, or engineering, we have invited a variety of professionals and academics for you to meet!


As with all our events, WISE aims to create a safe space for students to explore making professional and personal connections. This is a great opportunity to build a support network of like-minded peers, mentors, and professional contacts. 

Scroll down to view our Networking Night 2021 Booklet, register to attend, and view some helpful Discord tips!

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Register for the WISE Networking Night to network with sponsors, industry representatives, academics, and fellow student peers!

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