WISE Networking Night 2020

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Register for the WISE Networking Night to network with sponsors, industry representatives, academics, and fellow student peers!

Running since 2015, the annual WISE Networking Night is an exclusive opportunity for students to network with sponsors, industry representatives, and academics, as well as fellow peers within and outside your discipline!

This year's Networking Night will be a special '10 Years with WISE' edition, where we will be celebrating the past ten years of inspiring and encouraging diversity in STEM.

So whether you study science, health, maths, or engineering, we have arranged for a variety of professionals for you to meet. Come dress up in your best networking gear and listen to our keynote speaker, chat about internships and job opportunities, workplace insights, and career journeys with all the attendees.

WISE aims to create a safe space for students from all backgrounds and of all identities to explore making professional and personal connections. This is a great opportunity to build a support network of like-minded peers, mentors, and professional contacts.

This event is FREE and will be held online. More details will be posted closer to the event date. An information booklet that will run over how the event will work will be emailed to you prior to the event, so it is crucial to sign up at the top!

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