The Committee

Rachael McCullough President

Hi! I’m Rachael, finishing off my undergrad in Evolutionary Biology and Applied Maths. I hope I can combine maths and biology in whatever I do in the future, although what that will be is still undecided. I am passionate about gender equity in STEM, science outreach and science education. I also love puns and books.


Marialena Michanetzi Vice President

Hello! My name is Marialena and I am currently very enthusiastic to be the Vice President of WISE Unimelb! I am in my third year of a Bachelor in Science with a major in Genetics and am looking forward to undertaking a Masters in Bioinformatics in the future, eventually pursuing a career as a science communicator.


Anna Kosovac Secretary

I’m a PhD Candidate with a Masters in International Relations, and a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from the University of Melbourne. I have a keen interest in women’s equity in the field of STEM. You might find me sitting in the park reading a book, or catching a Melbourne band playing at a gig.


Leah Beauchamp Treasurer

Hello! I’m Leah, I’m a post-grad of the neuroscience variety at The University of Melbourne. I love everything about science and I spend my time pondering the ethical ramifications of under representation of women in high-level academia. Gender equity, so hot right now.    


Mariam Shahid Web Master

Hello! I’m Mariam and I’m currently doing a Bachelor’s degree in Computing and Software Systems. Gender equity in STEM and Engineering in particular is something I’m truly passionate about. If I’m not sitting in front of a computer programming away, you can find me baking cupcakes, playing with my cat or just stuffing myself with food!


Catriona Nguyen-Robertson Industry Liason

Hiya! I’m Catriona, a first year PhD student at the Doherty Institute. I’m a total nerd and science is my life, but when I’m not in the lab, I like to play music and sing (and even sometimes get gigs if I’m lucky), run, or having a good chat over coffee with friends.

Emma Fazino Activities

Hi I’m Emma, and I’m an undergrad studying Computational Biology. The core values of WISE are something I hold close to my heart – it is my goal to become a teacher in the future to pass on my passion for science. You can often find me procrastinating at the gym or drinking coffee at


Hayley Greenberger Activities

Hi everyone! I’m Hayley, a first year Masters student studying Chemical Engineering. On the rare occasions when I’m not at uni, I can usually be found drinking a ridiculous amount of coffee and exploring Melbourne.


Areeba Reusch Activities

HEY Y’AAAALLLLL! I’m Areeba (Aweeba to some), I’m a third year Science student majoring in Chemistry (lord knows what possessed me to major in it). I am so incredibly passionate about gender equality and encouraging women to pursue careers in STEM. I also love love LOVE FOOD (then again, who doesn’t?)!!!!

Emma Darling Promotions

Hi, I’m Emma. I’m a fourth year Bachelor of Science student with a major in biomedical engineering. When not despairing over the representation of women in STEM I spend my time reading, watching tv shows and going on Wikipedia article spirals way too late at night.


Clare Ross Promotions

Hey! My name is Clare, I am currently in my first year of Masters of Civil Engineering (I love a good bridge). When I am not at uni I can often be found patting other people’s dogs on the streets.


Matilda Stevenson Memberships

Hello! I’m Matilda, currently in my second year of the BSci, intending to major in Computing and Software Systems. I’m passionate about increasing gender equity in STEM, particularly in tech. When not staring at a computer screen I train and compete in flatwater kayaking (not rowing!), and cook a little obsessively.

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