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Amy Nightingale Web Master

Hello! I’m Amy, a third year studying the Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer and Software Systems. For the first semester of this year, I will be doing exchange at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan. So, unfortunately, I won’t be at the uni during that time. Feel free to ask me questions about exchange in

Bunguech Hieng Keo (Lisa)

Bunguech Hieng Keo (Lisa) Secretary

Hey there! I’m Lisa, currently in the second year of an undergrad degree with a major in Chemical Systems. I have been dreaming of gender equity in STEM and it seems like i am on the right track in making it a reality. I am also very into learning new languages and losing myself in

Uvini Mariya Peris (Mariya)

Uvini Mariya Peris (Mariya) Memberships

Hi! I am Mariya, currently finishing my 3rd year of a Bachelor of Environments, majoring in Engineering Systems and hoping to begin my Masters in Environmental Engineering in the near future. I have a keen interest in the environmental problems our planet faces today as well as the development of sustainable solutions to offset them.

Amy Shepherd

Amy Shepherd President

I’m a third year PhD student at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health. I train Alzheimer’s mice to do cognitive tasks on special touchscreens (they’re like iPads, but for mice!). I joined WISE because I am passionate about fostering a supportive environment for all women in STEM – it’s so important we support


Catriona Nguyen-Robertson Vice President

Hiya! I’m Catriona, a first year PhD student at the Doherty Institute. I’m a total nerd and science is my life, but when I’m not in the lab, I like to play music and sing (and even sometimes get gigs if I’m lucky), run, or having a good chat over coffee with friends.

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