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How I started my own buisness

Momentium started for one reason: to ensure that every student had the equal chance to pursue their passion through grit and curiosity. About 8 months ago, the organisation was founded as a simple technology development team for start-ups. We were a group of 2 unexperienced developers and 1 lead developer that were trying to create something different. Now, Momentium has over 60 consultants, 18 clients, and creating profits that are improving our value delivered to both students and clients. Not only do we provide technology services, we now also offer legal, business, and design strategy and implementation for our clientele. Furthermore, we provide training for all our consultants in skills that are in demand by the industry. This growth was completely unexpected, however, it all did come at a price.


Agile Workshop held for our consultants

Over the course of the 8 months, there was no rest day. When juggling 3rd year undergrad University work, other extracurricular commitments, and ensuring the growth of Momentium, there was no time to rest. This was because I strongly believed that if there is an opportunity, you should always go for it. Even if failure was imminent, I would still learn from the mistake and be prepared for the next opportunity. Therefore, I consistently overloaded myself, staying up almost every night trying to balance the needs of clients and my academic career. Despite the amount of work, I never felt tired. I absolutely loved the grind, the stress, and the uncertainty of success or failure. My experience with creating a business was a rollercoaster which exposed me to the emotional spectrum of seeing my peers burn out, in contrast to the elation of them landing their first graduate job. Building out a business has personally been the most rewarding yet taxing experience. From the people I have met to the businesses impacted, I have learnt more about myself and others in this short period of time.


On a more career focused note, I believe that doing such endeavors has built a personal mentality that has allowed me to land a graduate job in technology consulting within my dream company. From every founder, successful student receiving their graduate offer, or mentor that I have extensively worked with, the reoccurring trait wasn’t that they had a high WAM or were exceptionally talented in some technical skill, it was grit and curiosity in solving multi-dimensional problems. From working with over 150 students, and multiple start-ups in Victoria, I believe that anyone with enough grit and curiosity can create a start-up on their own or pursue a rewarding career in consulting.

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A small chunk of the momentum team

A small chunk of the momentum team

adminHow I started my own buisness