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Library spots for every occasion

Group work

Upstairs in the new MSD (Melbourne School of Design) is perfect for sharing notes, giving help and getting help as well as doing those pesky group projects that you just need to make the best of. It’s spacious and has good tables for multiple people though it can get busy in the peak library times.

MSD map

Head down study up

When I need to get some serious study done I need silence, no quiet talking library level for me. When I need this I like going to the top floor of the Eastern Resource Centre. The chairs are comfortable and the light makes you feel like you’re not cooped up in a building for hard study times.

The top floor of Baillieu is also good for this but I prefer the chairs in the ERC and find it slightly easier to find a seat in.

Another option is the Rowden White Library (level 2, Union House), which is normally silent although sometimes you do get conversations happening there which carry, a lot. Good for doing readings though, comfy chairs!

ERC map

Baillieu map

Rowden White

Casual study between class

Got an hour or two to spare and want to get some work done? Have a group of friends who you want to go with and might chat a bit, do a bit of work, do some more chatting? The bottom floor of the Baliueu is a great option for this, to get there you go down the stairs that you’d normally take to go upstairs. You can normally find places for a small group and it’s quiet enough to get stuff done but with enough noise that you don’t feel weird pointing out the amusing story on facebook you were really looking at the whole time.

Other options: one flight of stairs up the ERC and the Old Engineering Lounge which is first floor in the Old Engineering Building.

Old Engineering

Make the most of our library spaces and check out all the floors until you find the one with the right vibe for you!

Shazia RuybalLibrary spots for every occasion
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